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MiYO Cafe

A Place Where the Village Meets and Eats

We will be open on Mondays now. We appreciate any feed back.  Thank you for your continued support.


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MiYO Cafe

(Make it Your Own)

MIYO Café is located in the Village at Castle Pines. We present a unique and original concept to Make it Your Own. MiYO. serves delicious breakfast, lunch, coffee and bakery items daily. MiYO Café offers choice, quality and freshness. By putting our customers in charge of their breakfast and lunch; every MiYO customer gets what they want. We have traditional starters to choose from, you then add the side dishes you want. In addition, MiYo offers a comfortable atmosphere with complimentary free Wi-Fi service. Perfect to relax by yourself or to gather with family and friends. Dog-friendly patio and excellent customer service. Open until 2 o'clock daily.


"So delicious, we love MIYO's food! The owners are so kind and generous and the staff is great!"

Nathan C. - Yelp

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