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Our Story 

MiYO Cafe
(Make it Your Own)

Nestled in the heart of Castle Pines Village, MiYO Café brings a distinctive 'Make it Your Own' concept to life. Welcoming patrons each day with an array of delectable breakfast options, hearty lunch meals, artisan coffee, and bakery delights, MiYO ensures a dining experience that's uniquely yours.

At MiYO Café, we prioritize choice, quality, and freshness, entrusting our esteemed customers with the reins of their culinary journey. From traditional starters to enticing side dishes, every plate is yours to customize, ensuring that each MiYO customer is guaranteed to savor every bite of their personalized meal.

Relax in our cozy ambiance complemented by complimentary Wi-Fi service, making it an ideal spot for a solitary coffee break or a joyous gathering with family and friends. Our dog-friendly patio adds to the charm, inviting you and your furry friends to unwind in the serene setting of Castle Pines.

Exemplary customer service remains at the heart of our operations, ensuring your experience at MiYO Café is as delightful as our food. Welcome to MiYO Café, where the culinary journey is tailored by you. Open until 2 PM daily.

White Sheet
“This is such an adorable place for a drink, snack, or meal. The staff was so helpful and friendly. The atmosphere was casual and clean. There is even an entire separate room for additional seating. Highly recommend this place for a quick drink to go or to dine in breakfast or lunch.”

-Katie Noyse


The Heartbeat of Castle Pines Village!

858 W. Happy Canyon Road

Castle Rock, Colorado


Monday – Friday  7:00AM – 2:00PM

Saturday    8:00AM – 2:00PM

Sunday    8:00AM –2:00PM


Tel: (303) 814-7200


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